Bridge to a cleaner energy future

“CCS: Bridge to a Cleaner Energy Future” is an initiative underwritten by the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers to engage the global community in a conversation about the vital role carbon capture and storage (CCS) must play in mitigating climate change.The video was shot in Vancouver, British Columbia, in March 2018, during the GLOBE Leadership Summit for Sustainable Business. We extend our thanks to the CCS thought leaders who made themselves available during the summit to discuss their views and experience regarding the technologies and policies involved in moving CCS forward. Thanks also to our partners at Wide Awake Films for bringing this video to life.

CCS Presentation at South East Community College, Estevan, SK.

The International CCS Knowledge Centre made a very informative presentation May 23, 2019 in Estevan further explaining the positive aspects of utilizing CCS technology and its role in securing a greener future with the stability of fossil fuels.

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